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Fire Rated Access Enclosures, Access Panels, Roof Hatches.  



Our access enclosure is a self closing and self locking door with 18 gage metal assembly enclosures with an adjustable shelf.

FD=Fire Rated Access Doors

Weight shown is for Doors only


UL 90min B Label Door/rated for vertical surfaces and 3hr non-combustible horizontal surfaces.

Warnock Hersey fire rated ceiling label for sizes up to 24" X 36" only.  

Hinge: Continuous hinge mounted on the long side of oblong panels 


Latch: Universal latch mechanism can be converted between turn ring and key lock in the field and is recessed to allow for wall covering to be applied over panel face with no obstruction. Includes interior latch release device for unlocking door from inside.              Ask about mortise key lock options.

Automatic Closing: Spring closer on all size panels assures positive latching of closing door. A second spring is included on sizes 16" x 16" thru 24" x 36" and must be used for the ceiling fire rating on these sizes. 
Options: (at additional cost)

  • Galvanized Steel option, door and frame

  • Mortise Key Lock Options

  • Gasketing  

  • Install - inquire 

Measure the wall or ceiling opening dimensions, find the dimensions on the chart to the left and you will see them model size fire rated access enclosure you need for your hoistway.


JJM is a Distributors for Access Door Manufacturers such as JL Industries, Karp, Williams Brothers, and Elmdor. 


Please contact us if you are in need of any type of doors. Fire Rated or Non Rated. Metal, Stainless Steel, Zinc, and Galvanized Roof Hatches. 



FR Door with Univ Ring Key.jpg
FR Door with Mortise Cylinder hole.jpg
Fire Rated Door with Mortise Key Lock Pr
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