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Fire Rated Access Enclosures, Access Panels, Roof Hatches.  


Fire Rated Access Door Features  

JJM utilizes fire rated access doors made by others that are designed for wall and ceiling applications that are UL listed and approved by the various testing agencies. These Access Enclosures are specifically designed for elevator hoist ways and satisfy the "Means for testing and maintaining fire alarm initiating devices without having to enter the hoist way" per jurisdictions enforcing NFPA 72 or NBCC.


Doors are 1-1/2 hr. UL approved 10B, self closing and, self-locking approved for use in    

2 hour fire barrier for vertical surfaces.

FRAME 16 gauge Steel

HINGE   Flush Continuous Piano

INSULATION   2 inch Thick, Fire-Rated mineral fiber to assist in reducing heat transfer in the event of fire.



Universal latch mechanism can be converted between knob, ring and flat key lock, and special order mortised key lock.   


Springs enable self closing on all size doors. A second spring is included on sizes 16" thru 24" and must be used for the ceiling fire rating for these sizes. 

OPTIONS (at additional cost)

Custom Sizes

Finishes  Colors/Galvanized/Stainless

Mortise Key Lock Options

Gasketing  ​


16gauge Expanded Metal Cage

16gauge Steel Shelf not attached for the sensors that allow you to hinge the door in any direction.


*What's your finished face to finished face  wall dimension (wall thickness)?

*What's your stud or rebar spacing?

*What's your wall opening?

*What type of wall construction? CMU, shaft, stucco, wood etc.


JJM is a Distributor for Access Door Manufacturers such as JL Industries, Karp, Williams Brothers, Elmdor and others.


We supply Fire Rated, Non Rated, Metal, Stainless Steel, Zinc, Galvanized Doors and Roof Hatches. 



FR Door with Univ Ring Key.jpg
KARP Door - KRP - .jpg
Fire Rated Door with Mortise Key Lock Pr
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